Steel Drawer Slide Piece Roll Forming Machines

Steel drawer slide piece roll forming machines are used to produce the rolled metal profiles that make up the sliding mechanisms in drawer systems. This efficient technology transforms steel strips into precision formed components vital for furniture and storage products.

This comprehensive guide will provide a detailed overview of steel drawer slide piece roll forming machine working principles, types, components, specifications, design factors, installation, operation, suppliers, costs, advantages, limitations, and more.

Introduction to Steel Drawer Slide Piece Roll Forming Machines

Steel drawer slide roll forming is the process of converting coiled steel strips into the rolled profiles needed to manufacture sliding drawer systems. The metal strips are progressively passed through a series of roller dies to form parts like slide channels, ball retainers, central guides, etc.

As the strip moves ahead through each stand, it is gradually shaped by the contouring rollers into the required cross-section profile. The formed parts then move to a cutoff press for cutting to the proper length. Drawer slide roll forming provides efficient automated production of precision metal profiles.

Key benefits of drawer slide roll forming technology:

  • High productivity and output volumes
  • Ability to create complex custom profiles
  • Consistent dimensional accuracy of parts
  • Minimal material wastage
  • Quick changeover between different profiles
  • Low operating costs

Based on configuration, different types of steel drawer slide roll forming machines are available.

Major Applications of Steel Drawer Slide Piece Roll Forming Machines

Steel drawer slide roll forming systems are ideal for high volume production of:

Drawer slide channelsRolled profiles for drawer movement
Stable sliding mechanism
Ball retainersHolds ball bearings for smooth sliding
Reduces friction
Central guidesMaintains alignment of moving parts
Ensures smooth operation
Housing profilesCovers and protects slide components
Provides structural rigidity
Decorative trimsCovers visible edges
Enhances visual appeal

These critical components are needed in all types of sliding drawer systems used in furniture, cabinets, workstations etc.

steel drawer slide piece roll forming machine
Steel Drawer Slide Piece Roll Forming Machines 2

Types of Steel Drawer Slide Piece Roll Forming Machines

Steel drawer slide roll forming machines are classified based on configuration:

Single-headOne forming section
For simple profiles
Lower investment
Dual-headTwo forming sections
Increased profile capability
Higher production
Multi-headMultiple forming stands
For complex profiles
Maximum output
With decoilerIntegrated coil holding
Continuous production
Automated operation

More forming heads and integration of decoiler unit allows higher forming complexity, automation, and throughput.

Main Components of Steel Drawer Slide Piece Roll Forming Machines

Major components of steel drawer slide roll forming systems:

Decoiler unitHolds steel coil, feeds into process
Feeding tablesSupport and guide strip
Forming sectionsProgressively shape the profiles
Punching unitPunches holes if needed
Cutoff pressCuts to length after forming
Control panelControls machine operation
Base frameProvides rigid support

Additional units like embossing, bending, and hemming can also be incorporated based on specific profile requirements.

Technical Specifications of Steel Drawer Slide Piece Roll Forming Machines

The main technical parameters for steel drawer slide roll forming machines:

SpecificationsTypical values
Forming speed10 – 20 m/min
Material thickness0.5 – 2 mm steel
Strip widthUp to 80 mm
Roller diameter100 – 150 mm
Number of heads1 to 6
DrivesElectric servo, hydraulic
Power consumption10 – 30 kW
Voltage220/440 V, 3 phase
Production rate600 – 1200 pcs/hr

Higher speeds, power, and number of stands increase overall production rate and capabilities.

Design Aspects for Steel Drawer Slide Piece Roll Forming Machines

Key design factors for steel drawer slide roll forming systems:

Design FactorsDescription
Profile shapesChannel, ball track, guide rails
Size rangeThickness, width, length
Metal propertiesGrade, thickness, coatings
Production needsSpeed and output requirements
Secondary operationsCutting, punching, bending, etc.
Automation levelCoil loading/unloading, part handling
SafetyGuards, emergency stops, sensors

The machine is designed based on the profiles, sizes, metals, and production volumes required.

Standards and Codes for Steel Drawer Slide Piece Roll Forming Machines

Steel drawer slide roll forming equipment must comply with:

ISO 9001Quality management system
CESafety certification for Europe
ANSIMachine safety standards in USA
ASTM A568Steel sheet standards
EN 10130Cold rolled steel specs
ISO 7571Drawer slide testing

These regulations ensure the formed parts meet the required quality, safety and consistency standards.

Installation of Steel Drawer Slide Piece Roll Forming Machines

Proper installation is vital for efficient functioning:

Installation StepsRequirements
Site preparationFlat, leveled flooring
Enough working space
Crane availability
PositioningAccording to layout drawings
Align machine sections
Anchor machine body
AssemblyAssemble parts as per manual
Check alignments
Install safety guards
ElectricalsPower cable connections
Earthing points
Trial runsTest functioning
Set process parameters
Initial sample production

Sufficient space is required for coil and part handling during the process.

Operation and Maintenance of Steel Drawer Slide Piece Roll Forming Machines

Efficient functioning requires:

<ul><li>Skilled operators</li><li>Safe material handling</li><li>Set process settings </li><li>Inspect formed parts</li></ul><ul><li>Daily cleaning</li><li>Lubricate bearings</li><li>Check belt tension</li><li>Gearbox oil levels</li><li>Replace worn parts</li></ul>

Preventive maintenance activities as per schedule optimize performance.

How to Select a Steel Drawer Slide Piece Roll Forming Machine Supplier

Key factors for choosing reliable equipment suppliers:

Machine rangeModels matching requirements
Production capacityRequired output rates
CustomizationFlexibility for special profiles
QualityISO certified manufacturing
ExperienceYears in business, clientele
ExpertiseTechnical support for design
After-sales serviceInstallation, training, maintenance
Spare partsAvailability of wear parts
PricingCompetitive and transparent

Select a technologically capable manufacturer who can provide the right solution.

Costs of Steel Drawer Slide Piece Roll Forming Machines

Typical price range:

Machine TypePrice Range
Standard single head$30,000 – $50,000
Dual head unit$50,000 – $80,000
Multi-head with decoiler$100,000 – $250,000
Fully automatic lineAbove $300,000

Costs vary based on automation level, speed, precision, and overall capabilities.

Pros and Cons of Steel Drawer Slide Piece Roll Forming Machines

High production speeds
Low operating costs
Minimal material wastage
Quick changeovers
Consistent profile quality
High initial investment
Fixed tooling per profile
Size limits of coils
Skilled workers needed
Large space requirement

Automated roll forming improves efficiency but requires significant initial expenditure.


What materials can be formed?Cold rolled steel, galvanized steel primarily
What profiles are possible?Channel, rails, housings, trims etc.
What lengths can be formed?Up to 2000 mm long parts
What motors are used?AC servo, hydraulic motors
What controls are used?PLC, HMI for automatic models
What maintenance is required?Regular cleaning, lubrication, parts replacement
What safety aspects are needed?Guards, emergency stop circuits
What floor space is optimal?Around 400 sq.ft for a standard machine
What affects the machine cost?Number of heads, automation, speed


Steel drawer slide piece roll forming machines enable efficient automated production of the various profiles and components needed to manufacture sliding drawer systems. With the flexibility to make complex custom shapes, they are ideal for high volume manufacturing of precision drawer slide parts.

Selecting the right capabilities based on output rate and profile needs is important. With their high productivity and competitive pricing, steel drawer slide roll formers present a profitable forming solution for furniture hardware producers.

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