Highway Guardrail End Terminal Machine

Highway Guardrail End Terminal Machine

Highway guardrail end terminal machine is a device used to install the end caps on highway guardrails. These devices are used to ensure that the end caps are installed correctly and securely, so that they can effectively protect against vehicle impact. The machine also includes a cutting tool that is used to trim the excess guardrail material.

The machine consists of a boom that extends over the length of the guardrail, a hydraulic system that lifts and lowers the end terminals, and a set of dies that shape the end terminals to fit onto the guardrail. The operator uses a remote control to operate the machine, which maneuvering it into position and then activating the hydraulic system to lift and lower the end terminals into place.

Once the end terminals are in place, the operator uses the dies to shape them to fit snugly onto the guardrail. This ensures that they will stay in place and not come loose or fall off during use. The whole process takes just a few minutes per terminal, making it quick and easy to install a large number of them.

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