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Our factory has been established for over 15 years, is the enterprise professionally manufacturing a wide range of cold roll forming machines, such as color steel sheet forming machines for roof & wall, C and Z purling machines for steel structure, steel profiles forming machines for professional applications, slitting machines for processing raw material, especially in manufacturing Solar Mounting Bracket Machines which are widely used in Photovoltaic field.


The Production Of Sunway
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High Standard

Sunway believes that there should be minimum inferior products in the end manufacturing field. Therefore, we have implemented extremely high standards for all our products. Before our products enter the market, we will continue to test and inspect our products. 

Ensure Quality

Each product of Sunway involves multiple production links. In order to ensure that the products received by our customers are perfect, we use a strict QC system to thoroughly inspect the products. We strictly control every aspect of the product.


Our products have passed the international standard quality system certification. We have obtained CE, ISO90000 and other certifications. Sunway is committed to providing one-stop solutions for cold roll forming machine. You can find our footprint throughout the world, especially in photovoltaic field.

Supply Chain Details

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We Always Ready

No matter the size of your business, Sunway is exactly what you need in a supply chain solution provider. Our team of professionals helps you set the standard in the marketplace. We recognize that poor quality cold roll forming machine in the marketplace can be fatal to your business.

Sunway’s supply chain is unique in that we can help you supply products in an affordable and timely manner and keep you informed of the hottest in-demand products on the market and the latest technology in the industry. We have large warehouses to stock every must-have product and are ready to ship products when our customers need them.


One-Stop Solution

Sunway offers a wide range of cold roll forming machine. We do not only offer those equipments at an affordable range, but also strives to be your one-stop supply chain solution provider. We provide our customers with complete technology support, product training and after sales maintain. Sunway not only provides first-class quality cold roll forming machine, but also provide solutions for all related issues related to our products.

Sunway established an in-house research and development team that specializes in analyzing industry market data. Compared with other cold roll forming machine brands on the market, we ensure that Sunway’s equipment is top-notch. We work closely with users to fully understand their suggestions and needs.

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