T Grid Making Roll Forming Machines

t grid making roll forming machine are used to produce T grid structures from coil strips of metal. They form the raw material into the distinctive T shape through a series of progressive rolling bending and forming stations. T grid structures have applications as support frames in construction, shelves, mezzanines, platforms, walkways and more.

t grid making roll forming machine allow efficient, automated and continuous production of T grid components in long lengths as per requirement. They offer advantages over traditional fabrication in terms of speed, consistency and cost savings. This article provides a comprehensive guide to t grid making roll formers covering types, specifications, suppliers, applications, operation, advantages and more.

Types of T Grid Roll Forming Machines

There are two main types of t grid making roll forming machine:

Standard Fixed T Grid Roll Forming Machines

  • Produce standard fixed sizes of T grid in pre-set dimensions.
  • Come with forming stations arranged in-line as per the profile.
  • Allow limited flexibility in grid dimensions.
  • Well-suited for mass production of fixed T grid sizes.
  • Offer lower cost compared to customizable machines.

Customizable T Grid Roll Forming Machines

  • Allow programming and adjustments to produce different T grid sizes.
  • Come with quick change forming stations and tooling.
  • Enable fast set up changeover to new profiles.
  • Ideal for producing T grids in multiple sizes and dimensions.
  • Offer more flexibility but higher cost.

T Grid Machine Specifications

t grid making roll forming machine are available with different specifications and capabilities to suit needs:

Production Speed10-25 m/min based on thickness. Faster speeds possible with high frequency motors.
Metal Thickness0.5 – 1.5 mm. Varies based on machine capacity.
Grid Width100 – 300 mm standard. Wider possible with customized setup.
Grid Height25 – 150 mm range. Depends on stations and tooling.
Length CapabilityUp to 25m. Restricted only by space for coils and formed grid.
Forming Stations10 -16 stations. More allow more processing and steps.
Power Consumption5-10 kW connected load depending on number of motors.
Voltage380V or 415V AC three phase industrial power supply.
चौखटाHeavy duty welded steel frame for rigidity. Stress relieved.
PLC ControlFor precision monitoring and control of motors during production.
HMIFor inputting machine settings and monitoring operation parameters.
t grid making roll forming machine
T Grid Making Roll Forming Machines 3

T Grid Roll Former Applications

T grid profiles produced by these machines find uses in:

  • Mezzanine and platform flooring
  • Material storage racks
  • Shelving structures
  • Walkways, catwalks
  • Building frames
  • Wall supports
  • Scaffolding
  • Safety barriers
  • Canopies
  • Fencing
  • Window security grilles
  • Agricultural livestock pens
  • Machinery safety guards
  • Heavy duty pallet racking
  • Industrial flooring

Choosing t grid making roll forming machine Suppliers

When selecting a t grid roll forming machine, here are key considerations for choosing reliable suppliers:

  • Technology – Supplier should use high precision forming technology for dimensional accuracy.
  • Build Quality – Machine frame and stations should be rugged for smooth performance.
  • Tooling – Availability of standard and custom tooling for different profiles.
  • Automation – PLC based automation for precise monitoring and control.
  • Reliability – Proven machine designs that ensure low maintenance and trouble-free operation.
  • अनुभव – Number of years supplying such roll forming equipment.
  • अनुकूलन – Capability to produce customized grid sizes apart from standard sizes.
  • Service – Responsiveness to queries, ordering, installation and after-sales support.
  • Certifications – Quality certifications like ISO 9001 to ensure standardized processes.
  • Cost – Competitive pricing combined with quality equipment and features.
Supplier Comparison TableSupplier 1Supplier 2Supplier 3
Build QualityAAAAAAAA
Tooling RangeAAAAAAA
अनुभव10 Years15 Years5 Years
अनुकूलनYesOn RequestNo
CertificationsISO 9001ISO 9001None

T Grid Roll Former Pricing

t grid making roll forming machine are priced based on:

  • Type – Customizable machines cost 20-30% more than fixed size machines.
  • Speed – Faster output increases price.
  • Capacity – Higher metal thickness capacity increases price.
  • Automation – More motors and automation increases price.
  • Brand – Premium brands command higher prices.
  • Origin – Imported machines are more expensive than domestic.
Machine TypeSpeedMetal ThicknessPrice Range
Fixed10 m/minUp to 1 mm$8,000 – $12,000
Fixed15 m/minUp to 1.2 mm$15,000 – $20,000
Customizable15 m/minUp to 1.5 mm$22,000 – $30,000
Customizable20 m/minUp to 1.5 mm$32,000 – $40,000

Installing and Operating t grid making roll forming machine

Proper installation and operation ensures optimal performance of t grid roll formers:

  • Install on flat leveled surface and anchor bolts.
  • Provide adequate space around for coil loading and grid offloading.
  • Connect electrical supply and pneumatic lines.
  • Load tooling and adjust stations as per profile.
  • Feed coil strip into machine and align with rollers.
  • Set speed, thickness, protective device limits on HMI panel.
  • Start motors and test run machine without coil.
  • Monitor forming process and inspect initial grids for defects.
  • Make adjustments to stations if required to achieve correct profile.
  • Operate continuously to produce grids of desired length.
  • Apply corrosion resistant coating if required.
  • Ensure safety by fencing off around machine during production.

Maintenance of t grid making roll forming machine

Regular maintenance activities:

  • Clean stations, tooling and clear metal debris.
  • Lubricate bearings, gears and moving parts.
  • Check alignment and settings of forming rollers.
  • Inspect electrical wiring and connections.
  • Check hydraulic systems and pneumatic supply pressure.
  • Verify PLC system signals and responses.
  • Replace worn out or defective components like bearings, rollers etc.
  • Touch up paint on machine frame to prevent corrosion.

Advantages of t grid making roll forming machine

Key benefits of using t grid roll formers:

  • High production speed and output compared to manual methods.
  • Consistent and uniform profile dimensions.
  • Cost savings from raw material savings and labor reduction.
  • Flexibility to change sizes with adjustable tooling.
  • Automated continuous production improves efficiency.
  • Allows long length grids to be formed on demand.
  • Safe enclosed forming process minimizes accidents.
  • Low maintenance required compared to other metal working machines.
  • Ideal for producers supplying large volumes of T grid.
  • Enables manufacturers to meet changing market demand faster.

Limitations of T Grid Roll Forming Machines

Some drawbacks to consider:

  • High initial capital investment required.
  • Customized machines with quick changeover cost more.
  • Trained personnel needed to operate and maintain.
  • Regular tooling changes can reduce productivity.
  • Limitations on thickness and widths that can be formed.
  • Not economical for small volume or prototype production.
  • Occupies significant floor space.
  • After-sales service support varies among suppliers.
  • Fixed machines cannot meet new profile requirements.
t grid making roll forming machine
T Grid Making Roll Forming Machines 4

सामान्य प्रश्न

Q: What metals can be used to produce T grid profiles on these machines?

A: Mild steel and galvanized steel coils are commonly used. Aluminum coils can also be formed with appropriate tooling.

Q: What thickness of coils can be processed?

A: Standard machines can process 0.5 mm to 1.5 mm thickness. Upper limit can be increased on customized machines.

Q: How long sections of T grid can be produced continuously?

A: Typical length is 15-25 meter sections. Unlimited lengths possible if space allows coils and formed grid to exit.

Q: How many operators are required to run a T grid roll former?

A: Normally 1-2 operators needed for loading coils, monitoring operation and offloading formed grids.

Q: What safety aspects should be considered when using these machines?

A: Enclosing the machine, protective fencing, safety limit switches, and PPE for operators are essential safety requirements.

Q: What type of foundations are needed to install T grid roll formers?

A: Flat leveled concrete or masonry floor. Anchor bolts to secure machine. No special foundation required.

Q: What is the estimated lifetime of a T grid roll forming machine?

A: Approximately 15-20 years lifespan can be expected if routine maintenance is carried out.

Q: Are spare parts for T grid machines readily available?

A: Most suppliers can provide common spare parts for motors, bearings, cutting tools. Unique components may have longer lead times.

Q: What factors determine the production speed of a T grid roll former?

A: Metal thickness, number of passes, machine power, and tooling type. Typical speed range is 10-25 m/min.

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