c purlin roll forming machine factory

C purlin roll forming machines are used to produce C and Z purlins from metal coils. Purlins are structural framing members widely used in metal buildings and roofs. They are manufactured by roll forming mills from galvanized steel, stainless steel or aluminum coils.

C purlin roll forming machine factories design, manufacture and supply such roll forming equipment along with the necessary accessories. Key suppliers are located mainly in China.

This guide provides a comprehensive overview of c purlin roll forming factories covering:

Types of C Purlin Roll Forming Machines

C purlin roll forming machines are available in different configurations and levels of automation. The main types include:

Machine TypeDescription
Manual C Purlin LinesBasic machines for small productions with manual loading/unloading
Semi-Automatic C Purlin LinesEquipped with coil cart for automatic feeding
Fully Automatic C Purlin LinesAutomated material handling and cut-off
High Speed C Purlin Roll FormersOutput of 30-40 meters/minute
Customized C Purlin Roll Forming MachinesDesigned for specific purlin sizes and production needs

Key Considerations When Selecting C Purlin Roll Former Type

The choice of manual, semi-automatic or fully automatic c purlin roll forming machine depends on factors like:

  • Production output – Automatic machines have higher output rates of 30-40m/min versus 10-15m/min for manual lines.
  • Labor costs – Automatic roll formers require less workers for material handling and offloading.
  • Product dimensions – Customized machines needed for specialized purlin sizes and profiles.
  • Budget – Initial cost is lower for manual and semi-automatic lines.
  • Space available – Fully automatic purlin roll forming machines require more space.
  • Power costs – Automated lines consume more electric power.
  • Worker safety – Automated material handling reduces manual labor and improves safety.

Careful consideration of these parameters helps select the optimal roll former type for specific production requirements and budgets.

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Main Components of C Purlin Roll Lines

C purlin roll forming machines are made up of different sections assembled in line for continuous production:

ডিকয়লারHolds and rotates the steel coil
Feeding systemFeeds coil sheet into roll former
Roll forming sectionForms C or Z purlin profile progressively
Hydraulic systemPowers the rolling process
পাঞ্চিং ইউনিটPunches holes for bolts
Cut offCuts purlins to length
Stacking tableCollects cut purlins
Control panelControls speed, size changes etc.

Additional components like punching units, counters, printers etc. can be integrated as per application requirements. Correct configuration of the different sections is crucial for efficient purlin production.

Characteristics of C Purlin Roll Forming Factories

China has emerged as the leading manufacturer of roll forming equipment over the past decades. Key traits of Chinese C purlin roll forming factories:

LocationClustered in Guangdong, Jiangsu, Shandong provinces
Plant sizeFrom 500 to 50000 sq.m.
Employees10 to 300 workers
Production capacity50 to 500 roll formers per year
অভিজ্ঞতা5 to 25 years in business
ManufacturingCombination of automated and manual processes
Quality controlISO 9001 and CE certified
Testing facilitiesR&D lab for machine trials and improvements
Design capabilitiesIn-house engineering team for customized products
Manufacturing standardsFollow international specifications and norms
DocumentationAvailable in English and other languages
ServicesTechnical support for installation and maintenance

Leading Chinese manufacturers have scaled up production with latest technology while maintaining competitive pricing. They focus on product customization and after-sales support to meet diverse buyer needs.

Applications and Uses of C Purlin Roll Forming Machines

C purlin roll forming equipment is widely used for manufacturing framing components in the following applications:

আবেদনPurlin Uses
Metal buildingsRoofing and wall purlins
Steel structure buildingsStructural C purlins
WarehousesRoof purlins
Factory shedsSecondary roof members
Aviation hangarsFraming elements
Residential buildingsRoof trusses
Commercial buildingsStructural purlins
Agricultural buildingsSheds and greenhouses

The versatile cold-formed sections produced by these machines can meet framing requirements for diverse construction projects.

Specifications and Design Standards

C purlin roll forming machines produce sections as per international specifications:

Metal thickness1.5 to 3 mm
Purlin depth100 to 300 mm
Purlin flange width30 to 80 mm
Metal typeGalvanized steel, stainless steel, aluminum
Steel gradeSGCC, Q235, Q345 etc.
CoatingZinc, color coats
Hole punchingBolt holes as per design
LengthsUp to 12 meters
StandardsASTM A653, EN 10162 etc.

The dimensions and strengths of the C and Z purlin profiles must conform to local building standards and load requirements. Customized tooling allows manufacturers to produce sections meeting specific standards.

Suppliers and Pricing

There are over 800 manufacturers of C purlin roll forming machines located across China. Indicative pricing:

Machine TypeSpeed (m/min)Price Range
Manual10-15$4000 – $7000
Semi-automatic15-25$7000 – $12000
Fully-automatic25-40$15000 – $50000
Customizedmax 50>$50000

Pricing depends on factors like:

  • Speed and automation level
  • Purlin dimensions
  • Production output
  • Additional features
  • Customization needs
  • Quality and precision

Bulk orders usually get discounts up to 20%. Chinese suppliers offer cost-effective solutions customized to buyer specifications.

Installation, Operation and Maintenance

C purlin roll forming machine factories provide the following services:

InstallationOn-site machine assembly and setup
প্রশিক্ষণOperation and maintenance training
DocumentationMachine manuals in native language
CommissioningTrial runs to validate performance
Warranty6-12 months against defects
Spare partsInventory of wearing components
MaintenanceAnnual service contracts for upkeep
সমর্থনTechnical assistance via calls, email, WhatsApp
UpgradesUpdates to improve productivity
RefurbishingFull restoration of older machines

Proper installation, training and maintenance ensures optimal uptime and productivity from the purlin roll formers.

Choosing a Reliable C Purlin Roll Forming Machine Manufacturer

Buyers must evaluate purlin roll former factories in China on the following aspects:

ParameterEvaluation Criteria
QualityISO certified, quality control procedures
অভিজ্ঞতাYears in business, clientele
ManufacturingIntegrated facilities for roll forming machinery
কাস্টমাইজেশনAbility to design purlin tooling for specific profiles
ServiceInstallation, maintenance and tech support
PricingReasonable rates for features and quality
DocumentationCatalogs, manuals in native languages
ReliabilityProven ability to deliver machines on time
CommunicationLanguage fluency, responsiveness

Chinese manufacturers that score well on the above parameters deliver the best ROI along with smooth order completion assurance.

Pros and Cons of C Purlin Roll Forming Machines

High production speeds up to 40 m/minHigher initial cost of automatic lines
Labor cost reduction with automated material handlingNeed more space for fully automated machines
Flexible production of various purlin sizesFixed tooling limits profile changes
Lower wastageRequires skilled technicians for specialized maintenance
Consistent and rapid productionLimited size range compared to press brakes
Lower power consumption than press brakesNot ideal for low volume production
Safer working than manual bendingSet-up time needed for production changes

C purlin roll forming machines boost efficiency and flexibility in purlin manufacturing. Limitations can be overcome through proper machine selection and operational best practices.

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What is the process of purlin roll forming?Metal sheet from a coil is gradually bent by consecutive roll forming stands into a C or Z section.
What metals can be used for purlin production?Galvanized steel, stainless steel and aluminum coils.
What are the benefits of purlin roll forming?High speeds, flexible production, reduced labor, lower power consumption.
How to choose the best purlin roll forming machine factory?Evaluate quality, customization capability, pricing, and services like support.
What is the cost of a c purlin roll forming machine?$4000 to $50000 depending on automation level and output speeds.
How to maintain c purlin roll formers?Regular lubrication, cleaning, inspection and replacement of wear parts.
What are purlins used for?Framing supports in metal buildings, roofs, walls etc.
How are purlins different from C channels?Purlins have additional folds and ribs for strength.
What factors affect purlin roll forming machine prices?Speed, automation level, production output, customization needs etc.
How to increase production output from c purlin roll formers?Choose higher speed machines, use correct tooling, proper maintenance.


C purlin roll forming machines offer an efficient way to produce cold formed framing sections for metal building construction. Chinese manufacturers provide such roll former lines customized to diverse specifications and production needs.

Careful selection of automated versus manual equipment, reputed suppliers, proper installation and maintenance will result in cost-effective and high speed purlin manufacturing with these machines.

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