China c/z purlin roll forming machines

China c/z purlin roll forming machines are widely used for producing cold formed c/z purlins from coil steel. This guide provides a comprehensive overview of c/z purlin roll forming system design, components, working principle, advantages, and suppliers in China.

Overview of China C/Z Purlin Roll Forming Machines

C/z purlins refer to cold rolled galvanized steel sections with a C-shaped cross section. They are an integral structural component in metal buildings and are used extensively in roofing and walling systems.

China is a leading manufacturer of roll forming equipment used to produce various structural steel sections like c/z purlins continuously from coiled steel.

Key Details of China C/Z Purlin Roll Forming Machines:

  • Equipment Type: C/z purlin roll forming machine
  • Input Material: Hot-dip galvanized steel coil
  • Output product: Cold rolled galvanized c/z purlins
  • Production Process: Roll forming
  • Production Speed: 10-25 m/min
  • Purlin Sizes: 80mm to 400mm+
  • Power: 11kw to 55kw
  • Working Principle: Sequential cold roll bending of steel strip into C-shape
China c/z purlin roll forming machines
China c/z purlin roll forming machines 3

Types of China C/Z Purlin Roll Forming Machines

China c/z purlin machines can be categorized based on production speed, automation level, and forming features:

By Production Speed

  • Low Speed: 10-18m/min
  • Medium Speed: 18-22m/min
  • High Speed: 22-25m/min

By Automation Level

  • Manual: Require manual feeding and offloading of coils
  • Semi-automatic: Automatic coiling line with manual offloading
  • Fully Automatic: Automatic material handling and offloading

By Features

  • Fixed: Produce fixed purlin sizes
  • Adjustable: Allow size changeovers
  • Multi-Size: Capable of high flexibility and producing multiple sizes

Key Components of C/Z Purlin Roll Forming Machine

China c/z purlin roll forming machines consist of several modular components for material conditioning, forming, and post-forming processes:

Table: Components of C/Z Purlin Roll Forming Machine

डेकोइलरHolds and rotates the steel coil
FeederFeeds the strip into machine
StraightenerRemoves coil curvature
Roll Forming StationsProgressive bending into C-shape
Hydraulic StationPunching holes for bolts
Cutting DeviceCuts purlins to length
StackerCollects finished purlins
नियंत्रण प्रणालीControls speed, sizes etc.

The core of the machine is the roll forming section which uses a series of roll stands with forming rollers to gradually bend the strip into the required C-shaped cross section. Advanced units also include a hydraulic bolt hole punching system.

Working Principle of C/Z Purlin Roll Forming Machine

The working principle involves cold progressive rolling of steel strip to form the desired c/z cross section purlin:

  • The decoiler holds the steel coil and feeds the strip into the machine
  • The feeder uses traction or pinch rollers to pull the strip
  • The strip passes through a straightener to remove coil curvature
  • It then enters the roll forming section with multiple roll stands
  • Each stand incrementally bends the strip to the target shape
  • Hydraulic bolthole punch may be integrated
  • Cutting device shears purlins at specified length
  • Formed purlins are collected on the stacker
  • The process continues automatically with adjustable speed

Correct roller design and precision bending ensure the final purlin profile accuracy. The modular design allows flexibility in purlin sizes produced.

Applications and Uses of C/Z Purlins

C/z purlins produced by China roll forming machines are extensively used in:

Major Applications of C/Z Purlins

Metal Building RoofingPrimary load bearing members of roof trusses
Metal Building WallsSecondary structural elements in walls
Mezzanine FloorsSupporting cold formed steel flooring
Steel Structure CladdingCladding support for stadiums, auditoriums etc.

Key advantages include lightweight, high strength-to-weight ratio, reduced construction time, corrosion resistance, and recyclability. C/z sections provide optimal load support characteristics.

Design Standards for China C/Z Purlin Roll Forming

China c/z purlin roll forming equipment typically adheres to international design standards:

International Standards for C/Z Purlin Design

StandardKey Points
EN 1090Execution of Steel Structures in Europe
AISI S100North American Specification for Cold Formed Steel
AS/NZS 4600Australian/New Zealand Standard for Cold Formed Steel

The standards define material properties, testing methods, safety factors, and loading parameters for engineering design. Chinese suppliers can customize machines to produce purlins meeting any international or proprietary standards.

Technical Specifications of C/Z Purlin Roll Forming Machine

China c/z purlin roll forming machines are available in various configurations with the following typical specifications:

Technical Specifications of C/Z Purlin Roll Forming Machine

पैरामीटरTypical Values
Purlin Height Range80mm to 400mm
Purlin Thickness Range1.5mm to 3mm
बनाने की गति10-25 m/min
Power Requirement11kw to 55kw
Voltage380V, 50Hz, 3 Phase
Machine Length15m to 30m
Weight15 to 30 tonnes

Advanced units allow fast automatic size changeover and producing multiple sizes. Customized machine parameters are also possible.

Suppliers of C/Z Purlin Roll Forming Machines in China

Many reputable manufacturers in China supply high quality c/z purlin roll forming machines:

Major China Suppliers of C/Z Purlin Roll Forming Machines

कंपनीLocationProduct Range
FamoustecShanghai10-25 m/min
BeetleTianjin10-22 m/min
DeliShandong10-25 m/min
DJWJiangsu10-22 m/min
RosvalGuangdong10-25 m/min

These leading suppliers offer robust equipment with precise roll design, durable components, and reliable performance. Most provide customization support as well.

Price Range of China C/Z Purlin Roll Forming Machines

C/z purlin roll forming machine price in China depends on speed, automation level, size range and customization. Indicative pricing:

Price Range of China C/Z Purlin Roll Forming Machines

Machine TypeSpeedPrice Range
Manual10-15 m/min$30,000 – $50,000
Automatic15-22 m/min$50,000 – $120,000
High Speed22-25 m/min$120,000 – $200,000
Customized$100,000 – $300,000

Advanced fully automatic and multi-profile machines are costlier due to higher automation. But they offer faster production and lower labor cost in long run.

How to Choose a China C/Z Purlin Roll Forming Machine Supplier

Here are important factors to consider when selecting a c/z purlin roll forming machine supplier in China:

  • Product quality: Well-engineered machines with precision roll forming
  • Reliability: Proven track record, quality certifications
  • Technical expertise: Support for machine design, roll pass optimization
  • Customization: Ability to customize for special requirements
  • After-sales service: Installation support, operator training, maintenance
  • Delivery time: Supplier’s capability to deliver on schedule
  • Pricing: Balance of price and performance

Prioritize suppliers who offer performance guarantees and have ISO certifications. Visit facilities to inspect product quality firsthand.

How to Operate and Mainture C/Z Purlin Roll Forming Machines

Correct operation and maintenance are vital for trouble-free performance of c/z purlin roll forming machines:

Operation and Maintenance Guide for C/Z Purlin Roll Forming Machines

Machine SetupInstall machine as per supplier instructionsAt installation
Size ChangeoverAdjust forming rollers, guides etc. for new purlin sizeAs needed
Operator TrainingTrain workers on proper machine operationBefore production
Parameter SettingsSet speed, feed etc. per product requirementsDaily
Material LoadingEnsure proper loading of coils on decoilerAs needed
LubricationOil bearings, gearboxes, moving partsWeekly
InspectionCheck rollers, cutter etc. for wear or damageMonthly
MaintenanceRepair or replace defective componentsAs needed
SafetyFollow all safety procedures mentioned by supplierAlways

Proper maintenance improves machine life, prevents breakdowns, and reduces the risk of accidents.

Advantages of China C/Z Purlin Roll Forming Machines

China c/z purlin roll forming machines offer the following benefits:

  • Advanced technology: Innovative roll forming techniques for excellent product quality
  • High production speed: Up to 25 m/min for mass production efficiency
  • Flexibility: Capability to produce wide purlin size range from the same machine
  • Cost-effectiveness: Significantly lower equipment cost than western suppliers
  • Customization: Tailor-made machine design as per user requirements
  • Easy operation: User-friendly controls and automated operation
  • Technical support: Chinese suppliers provide full engineering support

Limitations of China C/Z Purlin Roll Forming Machines

Certain limitations should be considered when purchasing China c/z purlin roll formers:

  • Variable quality levels: Quality varies among suppliers; need to choose reputable brand
  • Limited service support: Installation guidance may be inadequate; maintenance support could improve
  • Lag in critical updates: Advanced technologies like servomechanical drives may be lacking
  • Durability issues: Machine life may be less compared to European equipment
  • QA and documentation: Compliance paperwork and rigorous quality systems may need enhancement

Careful supplier selection and inspection can help minimize technical and quality-related risks.

China c/z purlin roll forming machine
नालीदार पैनल रोल बनाने की मशीन

सामान्य प्रश्न

Frequently Asked Questions about C/Z Purlin Roll Forming Machines

Q: What is the typical production capacity of c/z purlin roll forming machines?

A: Production capacity depends on the machine speed and purlin size. Typically, output ranges from 300 to 1000 pieces per hour.

Q: What level of operator skill is required to run c/z purlin roll forming machines?

A: The machines are designed for easy operation. Brief training enables semi-skilled operators to effectively run production.

Q: What safety measures should be taken when operating c/z purlin roll forming machines?

A: Key safety measures include – ensuring guards are in place, electrical safety, avoiding loose clothing, long hair or accessories, and using protective gear like gloves and eye protection.

Q: How often is maintenance required for c/z purlin roll forming machines?

A: Regular preventive maintenance should be scheduled weekly and monthly. Breakdown maintenance is done as needed. Lifetime is typically over 10 years.

Q: What is the typical payback period for investing in a c/z purlin roll forming machine?

A: With the high productivity and low operational costs of these machines, the typical payback period is under 2 years.

Q: What factors determine the price of c/z purlin roll forming machines?

A: Key factors are speed, automation level, size range, customization needs, and optional accessories. Advanced fully automatic machines are pricier.

Q: Can c/z purlin machines make other profiles or is it limited to purlins?

A: Many roll forming machines can produce multiple profiles including wall girts, roofing sheets, door frames etc. if roll tooling is changed.

Q: Is it better to buy from c/z purlin machine manufacturers in China or Europe?

A: Chinese suppliers offer advanced technology and customization at lower cost. Careful quality checks are recommended during purchase.

Q: What is the typical delivery time for c/z purlin roll forming machines from order?

A: Delivery time from reputable Chinese suppliers is typically 3-4 months including manufacturing, inspection and sea freight transit time.

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